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I suck at drawing (part 2)



So what I was trying to do was make a circle using the least possible amount of tiles. I thought a simple circle would take, oh, about 16 or so. Not so. So I drew a picture of the planet in M$Paint, then entered it into NESst (a NES drawing program). Apparently it took 36 to draw a small Saturn and its rings. This is how the level looks after I cleaned things up:


I also composed some music for the level. Next to do is design level 7. I figure a desert level would be really hard and make the food blend in since it's orange, so that's not going to be one of the levels. I have 4 levels left to design, and I don't have any ideas. Perhaps I'll just have 8 levels instead? I don't know. I think one of the levels will be a library. I know nobody goes to them any more, so it'd be kind of funny to see one in a video game in 2021.

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Maybe instead of orange, you can substitute a desert background with yellow instead? Add in some orange speckles here and there for the sand grain? Not sure how well that'll contrast with the food though. 

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