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Technically a game



After working for days and days I finally have a working version to show. I gave up on it, but then got some advice and it worked. I put music in it, but I don't know if it will be in there for long. Depends on how much feedback I get on the game part aspect, as I want it to stay at 2k and with the music in I have 35 bytes left. The version with music just has temporary music in on the title screen and if you're interested in seeing it it's in the AtariAge forums.

It has music like MidSpace, which is fitting because I used the same code to play it. So it's technically a game. Nosehair grows faster and faster until you can't cut it any more and the game ends. The goal is to see how many boxes you can get in that amount of time. I got 37.


At that point, the game made its ending noise and then went back to the music playing. So I think what I'll do next is add some color changing like in the early Atari 2600 games. Or, if someone else has good feedback, do that instead. I like games that are really weird. Who wants to kill Koopa Troopas and save princesses when there's nosehair to be trimmed? And the game is called "Uncle Hairy's Nosehair." Someone suggested that name, and I really like it. But since the game doesn't display its title, it could be called "I Ate Sardines For Lunch Yesterday" and it wouldn't matter.

I like 2k games. It's fun to see what me and other people can put in such a small amount of space. "Kaboom" is a great example of this: such a simple game, yet people seem to really enjoy it. Not me, but that's moot.


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Very cool.

I wonder how far you can push the limits of “technically a game”

Maybe have a pixel that needs to be switched and random intervals indicated by a metronome that increases in speed after every X points?

You can even call it “A Game”

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