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A change of looks



I had a box planned for the game, but in order to fit it in, I needed to change the play field drawing code I had because it was too large and wouldn't support me having another sprite in there, even if it was just a missile. So yesterday was tons of work. Today was adding back the animation. I finally got this:


It looks a little different. Gone is the green strip at the bottom. The two sprites are 2x bigger. The nosehair is now thinner, due to it being the ball instead of the play field. And now, there is a square added. That is missile 1, or in the game, a box. Missile 1 has to be the same color as player 1 since it must be in the same area as player 1, so it is a pink box. The nosehair demon is player 1. The nostril (missile 0) is black only because the pair of scissors can't go up there. If it did, the scissors would be black once they got up there. The same with the ball. If the ball appeared up above the nose, it would be orange since the ball and play field share colors.

So now I plan to have the game be like so: The scissors you control collect the boxes that show up for points. The amount of points depends on how quickly the scissors gets to the box. The scissors must also avoid the nosehalr demon. If the scissors touch the nosehair demon, the nosehair grows faster than it usually does. Once the nosehair gets down to the bottom of the screen, the game is over, so the scissors must also in addition to get boxes and avoid the nosehair demon, cut the nosehair by pressing fire.

Sounds easy, but just what I have so far has taken a few days, including a marathon of work last night lasting 6 hours. I wanted to get everything working good before I went to bed so that resulted in me going to sleep at 2 a.m. (I lost track of time). And even then the animation was missing. So when I woke up, I figured it out and put the animation back in the game. And now, I think a few days' worth of a break is in order.


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