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Hamburgers on Virtual Boy



A year ago or so, I released this Game Gear game called "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland." I figured I needed to keep my C skills up, so I was looking for a project to do on the Virtual Boy. So I decided to make that game for it.

Work started a couple of days ago. Testing the game out on a real Virtual Boy with my FlashBoy cartridge. I haven't touched my Virtual Boy for a long time now, glad to see it still working just fine. I got it for about $15 at a flea market. Guess what game was in the cartridge slot? Mario's Tennis. How I wished it was Jack Bros. But oh well.

Anyway, this is what I have so far. This is the title screen.


And this is the beginning of level 1.


Today I will attempt to make the score be black when I need it to be (like here, for instance.) Since this may look ugly, I will tell you that the background caves move slower than the foreground ones, creating a sort of parallax effect. But the burger can shoot at milkshakes, you can move the burger around, and you can die if you touch the milkshake.

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