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In the castle.



Decided that since I had power and I was bored to continue work on my Game Gear game I was making. I made some changes to level 10. It now looks like this:

output-11.png.d61d910dee47256cca00c92922844daf.png  output-10.png.7e183a5ac16bfaa3a687abef2ae13eaa.png

Since I decided on wooden walls, it cheered up the hall a lot. Not that I wanted it to be cheery. I also put in some chandeliers in the hall. The portrait of the milkshake used to be a portrait of an old man. But then I decided "Who is that?" and people may read into the game more than I intended, I changed it to a portrait of a milkshake. Couldn't quite get the cherry on top since I'm only limited to 16 colors for the background and all other options looked blurry or dumb.

Level 9 is a snow level. No, it's not a picture I took of outside (although it would look a lot similar!)


I also figured out sprite priority, so the burger now falls behind the score instead of in front of it.

So here's what's left to do before the game is finished is:

  • compose level 9 music
  • make ending screen
  • compose ending music
  • test it all on a real Game Gear and make color changes as needed.

In case you're wondering why I didn't make this a Master System game instead is because I decided few people had a Master System and more people had a Game Gear. Although I could test the game on a Master System since I have its Everdrive, that would require FINDING IT. And finding it would require cleaning my room. But I'm extremely lazy. So I won't. And besides, the Game Gear needs more homebrew.


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