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Virtual Boy fun



OK, so I have been working on a Virtual Boy game. It's called "Action 54". It's like the NES game Action 52, because it's a collection of mini-games. But it won't have 54 games in it. I don't think I can think of 50 more game ideas. I have one that I will program when I am done with the current one I've been working on: a fly swatting game. Swatting flies in a video game seems to be fun. While I was working, a dumb ant came crawling on my arm. Oh well.

Here is a picture of the minigame I've been working on. It may change. In fact it probably will because just one monster seems like it would be too easy. Fruits will pop up on the screen and your job as the cranberry is to save them from the monsters.


There is one thing missing from these games: Background music. But I did put in a few sparse sound effects for now. I tested this on a real Virtual Boy and after a few hours of massaging the code, I got it working now.

My anus bump is still there. I have been putting Prep H on it like 4 times a day for a few days now. And it's still there. I'm beginning to doubt it isn't hemmorhoids at all.

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