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Here is my history teacher.



So I took some time to work on this some more. I had a tough time because it wasn't wokring right. I was doing everything correctly, but it decided to not obey me. But I finally got it to do something I wanted it to. Get to the screen with my history teacher on it.


There he is. He has a little 2-frame animation walk when you move him, much like the umpire in Ugly Uppity Umpire. I should mention that he is in color if you put the game in a GBC. Just three colors, though (red, yellow, and brown). Why did I choose those colors? Most junk food is, in fact, red, yellow and brown. And so are lemons.

I am putting Prep H on my disc-y bump up my butt. It still hurts when I poop. Or put some Prep H on it. It is raining here, which is mentionable since we haven't had any since like June. If you think it rains in Oregon all the time, you're wrong. And I never did hear any weather report since there's no local news due to the fact that all 4 stations that would have local news on have college football on.


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