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Virtual Boy fun (part 2)



The Virtual Boy is a strange machine. Its "screen" is 384 x 244 pixels. Which is unfortunate since unsigned characters only go up to 255. Which means if I want to put a sprite, say, monsterx, at 364, I'd have to make monsterx an int which would make it a 16-bit number, and a lot of wasted space there. So in the effort to make Cranberry Capers a lot better, technically speaking, I limited the monsterx to an unsigned character. And then I put two more in there for good measure.


Speaking of "measure," I found myself with a bout of insomnia, so I decided to get out of bed and put in the SMB theme for "Supper Mario." Three hours of programming and a lot of attempts later, I think I did it. Unfortunately, the music doesn't seem to sound very good on a real VB. The project I am making is a bunch of minigames all on one cartridge. I call it "Action 54." I'm calling "Cranberry Capers," the minigame with the screenshot above, completed. Tomorrow (or whenever), I'll begin work on a new minigame, about fly swatting (think Mario Paint.)

Last night at about 7:30pm, I heard a giant explosion. It sure sounded near. And it was loud. And it didn't really sound like lightning. I don't know what happened. I guess I never will. Whatever it was didn't knock the power out, so that's good.


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