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  1. Ignorant about what, exactly. If it's Vox, then oh well.
  2. Exactly. The incident in question is minor but it is also part of the reason why we now have a cancel culture. Because you always have to assume malice.
  3. PineappleLawnchair


    Anyone want some Steamcodes, PM me, i got Fairy Fencer F Adam Wolfe episode 1-4 Devil Daggers Eador. Imperium Medieval Kingdom Wars Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2 Airport Madness 4 Captain Lycop : Invasion of the Heters Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey City Siege: Faction Island Bomb The Monsters! Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time Papper Balls Tisnart Shapes Wooden Floor Wooden Floor 2 - Resurrection Planet Driller
  4. I only vaguely remembered it myself, honestly, it's not even close to the biggest issue John Mccain had going on at the time.
  5. Nah, about 8-12 years, give or take. They apparently endorsed Mccain too, because his family was a confederate and part of the original KKK or some shit. https://fromtheleft.wordpress.com/2008/05/28/3241/ https://truepundit.com/john-mccains-great-great-grandfather-was-confederate-soldier-served-under-first-grand-wizard-of-kkk-video/
  6. What trolling. If anything you posting Wikipedia and then telling me to debunk it is a bigger troll than anything i've done. Certainly shows the argument wasn't in good faith, anyways. Like, not reading Vox is a personal move on my part, and i can get people not understanding why they suck, but i shouldn't have to tell anyone that Wikipedia isn't reliable on anything.
  7. He's probably gonna win, despite having only 3 candidates(one of whom couldn't convince a single man despite sitting next to him for hours talking about their policies), the dems absolutely shattered apart, while Republicans, save for Ted and a few outliers, had like 8, yet still held unity when it came time to vote. Far as i can tell, Biden is just another Hillary, Bernie is just a meme and it remains to be seen whether his supporters would actually follow through on voting for him. Lets see, what are the rest, Buttgag or whatever his name is ultimately only there to fracture the dems further, and Bloomberg is actually racist, and the evidence for that is more concrete than hearsay and some vague comments made that don't directly refer to a particular race.. I don't know about the others, i think there was some guy named Yang, and a white woman LARPing as the "injuns", as she would call them. Provide what evidence, your articles are either full of hearsay, vague comments that don't refer to any race, they discredit themselves.
  8. This one is also pretty suspect. Doesn't even look like it has a seal, which suggests it's either the most perfect seal ever(unlikely given all the scuffs and scrapes, none of which continue past the part of the box that holds the art together) or it's not sealed
  9. You wanted to know my thoughts on the news articles, and you got exactly that. Vox is not worth reading, double so considering i just went through Huffpo.
  10. Vox i'm just not going to click on principle. The other doesn't really give much of anything to prove Trump himself is racist, more so interested in poisoning the well by associating his supporters with White Supremacy. However it, and the study linked(which instantly makes it better sourced than Huffpo) do provide these: Not racist in and of itself. Seemingly used because it'd trip the people who think Thug=Black man, or otherwise read into it more than intended. I would assume he's referring to the cartels, but it's so poorly worded that there's room for interpretation. Honestly just feels like a reach to call him racist, instead of, well, stupid, especially now that we're approaching Year 4 of his presidency, having seen it first hand.
  11. I really wish i didn't read that HuffnPuff bullshit. If there is any proof of him being racist, it's buried under petty whining or Anonymous/poorly sourced claims of shit, the most ludicrous being he's an anti-semite because of a reference he didn't pick up on, or blaming him for ~900 unconfirmed hate crime reports sourced to a center that was later sued for straight up lying*. * https://www.newsweek.com/splc-nawaz-million-apologizes-981879 You get pissy at the mere thought of people just writing off Huffpo as liberal media, yet you write this guy off, despite also "literally quoting him". Why should we take you seriously, again?
  12. Either that, or he's real pissed off that you suggest the spirit of the Confederacy is dying. "The South WILL rise again. Unreal!"
  13. What an unfortunate name you have there, cuckold.
  14. My Walmart doesn't even have those. For some reason though, it had Animal Crossing for 5 bucks, and only has about 2 2dsxls out at any given time.
  15. Same difference, really. It's just Socialism is more like an HIV infection while Communism is full blown AIDS.
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