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  1. Wait, you mean there was more than one? I was talking about this thing. I mean i know it was a mounted stand, but i thought it was glued on.
  2. Well uh, here's the haul, stuff on the right is just covers and inserts, the boxes i added myself. A bit of a warning, someone smacked a giant magnet in the box, and during shipping it ended up smack dab on top of all the games and it didn't dawn on me until just now, but it might of messed with the games in there. I tried one just now and it was having some serious issues like(top right corner): I tried another and it wasn't that much better, also a digital watch someone had in there wouldn't turn on. Not really trying to complain, just letting the other two know something might be up. I changed the box up pretty good but still check it. Anyways, i stuffed the box, but i had to take out some of this bulkierstuff, if anyone wants it let me know. EDIT: Tried some more, my newish 2dsxl didn't recognize Smash bros and Kirby also had issues, def not just dusty carts.
  3. Well its finally making it out of Texas so hopefully today
  4. Really isn't. Things are moving slower than molasses. Once it hit texas it's virtually stopped and tracking no longer gives a date. I'm sure it'll get here but man
  5. Bear with me here, there's something odd going on with the mail rn because of a massive winter storm. Haven't had any mail in the past few days, hell, PO didn't even bother sending out trucks yesterday.
  6. Whether or not it did, i have no idea, but Gamestop used to sell loose carts in those display boxes. Used to have one for Bowser's Inside Story. Sticker is def gamestops though they'd also slapped their own price sticker on there if it was used.
  7. Tried messaging you about the GBP bundle but it wouldn't let me
  8. Or you'll just end up getting coal a little bottle of Jack Daniels that mysteriously showed up in the box.
  9. The poor people voting 9 or 8 didn't have anything better to play as a child. Even the damn NES could play Master System games better. The only thing keeping it from being Jaguar bad is Phantasy Star and Gorevelius .
  10. The Jeopardy guy, that's more or less it.
  11. If a package gets lost after ebay receives it, the seller is not held accountable, and ebay reimburses the buyer instead.
  12. Congratulations Kamala Harris for being the first Woman president, I hope Hillary is seething in Hell right now.
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