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  1. You really didn't. PS3 exclusives mostly suck, and since games were generally made with 360 in mind, they were generally superior even if only by a little. - Someone who picked PS3>360
  2. Retro is basically a fashion term, so applying it to games, is just whatever is old and popular. So NES is retro, but Jaguar isn't Super Nintendo but not 3D0, etc, et al.
  3. Couldn't care less about not-Vine or whatever that is. I just hope he fucks with Epic Games next for that 49% CCP connection..
  4. Why did they turn Battletoads into a low rent filler game made to stall people until the Xbone Sersex or whatever comes out.
  5. I don't see it. It's ludicrous to assume old games were going to sink when the vast majority of America was given free money and a stay at home order, and video games sales were already on fire from what i heard. Assuming the economy gets back on track and doesn't just depress, they're probably going to keep a good chunk of their added value also.
  6. 15 minutes in and i already got offers of 60, this is gonna be good. For some reason they also gave me a card(#627) and a newspaper about the star wars bootlegs.
  7. Ew, i don't even want the copy i have now.
  8. So did Papers Please actually release? Because i just got one in those blind box things, and it doesn't even seem like there was a release date.
  9. Nah, it's a perfectly valid concern, especially since the CCP could have access to this stuff no problem.
  10. Obviously it does considering how terribly he did. You don't spend all that money and just win an territory that can't even vote in the election, it's just not normal. Besides, it's not like Trump was ever truly immune to that shit. It's just "Old man bragging about how he still gets action at 70" is just weak. http://archive.is/8aKBT
  11. Considering it's just a glorified super nintendo, 15 bucks..
  12. Dude got caught on tape saying 95% of criminals are minorities. Probably saw the writing on the wall and bowed out before wasting more of his cash.
  13. I remember the guy saying that bidder was from sweeden, is palmer sweedish
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