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  1. Dinosaur Planet is not going to get an official release. This is a ROM leak, in bad beta state, of a hybrid DP-SFA form (it has Fox already), meaning this state involves Nintendo rights. DP could only be released if someone got the sources for the early DP form where all rights are Rare's (Microsoft's, who would probably sell them). -- do not buy repros.
  2. That's just hilarious. Fonzie is the king of form over function, not being paid has more to do with his mismanagement of money, and claiming they have three undisclosed "AAA" SNES/MD games is just a cherry on top.
  3. Ah, N64, the next homebrew frontier...
  4. It's not a one-man operation, if you remember they advertised that kevtris now has a team of fpga developers under him. Sales and mgmt are going to be separate. However you may have missed there's this global pandemic thing going on, which may affect manufacturing chains.
  5. They are illegal for a reason. They're not going to work on many (most) clones.
  6. Template core/front/global/userBar is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme. <- this error happens on top of some pages. The "mark read" button doesn't work. Pages load very slowly.
  7. That Mario from hell smb1 hack.
  8. Krikzz has said he's planning a cd cart for it, similar to how the Mega Everdrive Pro can emulate the Mega CD. But that's far off, maybe over a year, so to play quicker get the Turbo.
  9. Estil, it has access to the full power (tablet, cpu, gpu, ram). In Wii mode it runs on the Wii hw.
  10. They don't have a N64 in any shape, so tough to do anything other than an emulator handheld.
  11. Watermelon's projects are not on the horizon, they're on the heat death lol.
  12. erac

    N64 game jam

    As you see the forum editor is kinda bork for me, if someone wants to post the links and video in a nicer, clicky form please do.
  13. erac

    N64 game jam

    Judging currently in progress. Showcase video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snZ6kIRLFUI Downloads: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1CNCA_4966stG4mpkGCZjMSuZ-C7r8cqC Sources: https://github.com/N64brew-Game-Jam-2020
  14. Before you know it, you'll have expanded to replacement cases for the system :D The only aftermarket case currently is the warrior64, otherwise people with broken cases have to hunt broken n64s.
  15. When the model is ready, you can order them from a service like shapeways that use industrial quality printers. For prototyping however, getting the measurements exactly right, it would be good to have a printer locally. Maybe your library or a near hackspace has one you can use for cheap.
  16. For the badge, 3d print clear plastic in the shape and put a good-quality print of the logo behind it.
  17. The other color combinations are fine, but the bottom middle has bad contrast between bg and other elements. Try using a darker color than the current blue bg, or changing both. The bottom left has similar bad contrast, but the color choice is different enough it doesn't affect my eyes the same way.
  18. The carts with rumble or a light sensor aren't that useful in a GB Player.
  19. What a thread :D I do agree N64 aged worse than NES, but only slightly. Now if you compared to SNES you'd have a real case. N64 aged way better than the contemporary 3d consoles, ps1 and saturn, which have all sorts of terrible rendering issues. N64 is just low resolution, which is fine.
  20. It is the best RE to me, and playing it on the Wii, aiming with wiimotes is excellent. Beats controller stick aiming heads down.
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