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  1. Hi gang. Long time listener, first or second time caller. i think it’s important to note the source of a lot these three sided seam ROTJ games. They were originally being sold on ChaseTheChuckWagon / GameGavel by an individual in Texas (circa 2010-ish?) who, if I recall the story correctly, got them from a distributor in Mexico (along with case packs of other sealed nes games that included the likes of firehouse rescue, RBI baseball, power punch II, monster truck rally and some others) I wanna say they were selling on eBay at first, got kicked off eBay and then started selling on the other platform. Since we are all going on straight assumptions, let me add mine. It was a unique pack job, factory sealed, late release by acclaim and they used twilight nes sleeves). Purdy sure that’s it. These games with this seal type came straight outta case packs, which is 100% the only fact we have. Hi.
  2. The paper is a folding board, coated 1 side (C1S) - similar to the type of box board used on cereal boxes - it is not cardboard. The only boxes that are actually a cardboard are system boxes and Gyro big box, along with the likes of earthbound and mario paint - those have a laminated color sheet glued to single face board if i'm not mistaken. The variance is the complete box wrap - @DefaultGen shows a good example of this on the bottom of the box - you can also see it in the hangtab . I don't disagree that the die cutting can and does have an affect in the overall allowable tolerance in the quality control for these boxes, however, the setup on the cutting die would be the issue here. once it is setup, it is locked and loaded with very minute details. You aren't going to have that much give. This is definitely two runs (at least on a die cutter) of the box. I've only ever seen tolerance issues on a few others, including Ring King no banner (similar slight shift down and lighter green print). I have however seen a gazillion tolerance and print issues on early black box games, but third party, its almost never.
  3. yes the advisory board is meaningless at this point. i'm on it, but do i actually advise anything? no, i advise absolutely nothing - i have my face on there and i'm indexed by google, that's about it. i consider both deniz and kenneth close friends. Saying you don't like their brand is saying you don't like either of them. That's a fact.
  4. I think Wata is great for the hobby - from both a collecting perspective and making money perspective. *I've been able to have Wata grade my items that VGA wouldn't nor had any clue on how to grade or what they were looking at. I've also always had high grade CIBs and never been a sealed collector unless it came across my hands and was 9.6 or above. Wata brought something to me that was much needed - protection and clear transparency on the condition of what I own.To me, many of my items are priceless and important to the history of video games. *I've made very good money in a short amount of time doing this. it's no secret and i'm okay with that. I've also been able to obtain certain games and one of a kind items for my collection that I thought I would never be able to obtain. I've sold and collected and resold and collected to fund my collection for years. I'm fortunate that I can now sell video games full time, work from home, be with my family whenever I please, collect what I love to collect and live comfortably because of video games. I think Dain had his motives for selling and nobody can or should fault him for that. I think people can be wary and question the way collecting markets grow, but I also think we should be understanding and show empathy. Going out on a limb here - saying you like Deniz & Kenneth and think they are great guys is awesome, but then a couple posts later equating them to the downfall of NintendoAge and destroying the hobby that you loved is not mutually exclusive. Wata is Deniz & Kenneth and Deniz & Kenneth are Wata. You can't have one and not the other. Wata is a third party authentication company that has vested interested in growing their business and will do so how they see fit. It's okay if you take issue with they way they handle THEIR business. It has no affect on the outcome of the rest of your life. Try to remember to be nice and what you say on the internet stays on the internet. To the mods and members who created this new forum, thank you :) I look forward to the continued growth of this hobby, helping discover new variants and showing new people that not every video game costs the same as a $1000 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
  5. Hey man! Glad to see you in portland again. Can’t wait until next year!
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