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NES Sealed Game Contents

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Welcome to the NES Sealed Game Contents Thread. Mike (the_Wizard_666) is the creator and I am the curator of the full list of titles hosted over on Gamefaqs.  That list can be found here:



This list is populated with entries from people like you!  Our mission is to provide factual information about all of the original contents contained within every title in the NES library.  As such, if anyone here finds themselves opening up a sealed NES game that was clearly NEVER OPENED BEFORE, please list the contents in this thread, detailing each item's code (where applicable) and providing as much information as possible, including the Seal of Quality type (round or oval).  Pictures are a definite bonus.  I personally thank you now, and posterity will most definitely thank you later.

For me, there are three important aspects to this project, and number one is accessibility to all.  That is why we have the list hosted on Gamefaqs - because that site is essentially a universal source for videogame information.  Number two is keeping it updated in a timely manner, and then making sure it falls into the right hands should the person updating the list ever have, want, or need to bow out.  And the third really important aspect is that it remain a *factual* repository of information only containing entries from opening sealed games.  I really do think it's great that people out there are committed to making lists of "assumed" or "probable" contents, but for me personally, I don't want a list of people's best guesses; I want a list that only contains items factually known to come with each title.

Lastly, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of those who have continued to make such awesome contributions to this project.  DoctorEncore, austin532, Trifecta and the rest of you really are helping to push this project forward to the point where we are actually past the halfway point of the library.  From here on out I'll be doing updates after about every five entries or so, so keep those submissions coming in 🙂

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1 hour ago, m308gunner said:

I've got a sealed Star Tropics just GLARING at me to be opened if it's not already on Mike's soon-to-be-updated list...


1 hour ago, austin532 said:

We already have 3 different StarTopics games on the list plus Kotaku did a sealed unboxing of it. I think we are good.😁

But it's still super fun to open sealed NES games! So I say do it!

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2 hours ago, austin532 said:

We already have 3 different StarTopics games on the list plus Kotaku did a sealed unboxing of it. I think we are good.😁

 True story: I tried opening it the other night. Kids and wife were in bed. Sitting at my computer. Knife in hand. Couldn't do it. 

Man, omit the first part of that sentence and things get dark quick!

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I know that feeling but it gets easier every time.

Here is every sealed NES game that I have at the moment. Most of these I plant to open. Yes...even the one you are thinking of. This whole thing used to be filled with sealed NES. I sold some of them and the others I sadly opened right before I started doing sealed unboxing videos on Youtube.


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Okay, I've added a link to Mike's official Game Contents FAQ in the OP.  I tried to make it a clickable link, but when clicking the 'link' button it said "There was a problem loading this content." If a mod could fix that or tell me what I'm doing wrong, that would be cool.

I did tell Mike about the new site, but I don't think he's signed up yet; he hasn't been around on NA much in the last couple years, so even if he joins here, his appearances will probably be sparse.

And austin532, opening all of those games would be most excellent!  I used to have almost a hundred sealed games myself but opened them many many years ago.  I was actually the second largest contributor after Dain when Mike originally started populating his list.  Dain was actually going to open a massive amount more than he did, but he got cold feet and stopped a few letters into the alphabet...

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Championship Pool (Oval Seal)

Cart: NES-P3-USA
Manual: NES-P3-USA
Poster: MIN-P3-US
Consumer Precautions Booklet: NES-USA/CAN-2
Nintendo Power Advert: GP-NES-USA-1
Rough Black Dust Cover

*Note: This is a reseal, but I'm 99% sure the contents are accurate as it appears to have never been opened.







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Vindicators (Tengen; Unlicensed)

Vindicators Customer Response Card
Rolling Thunder Poster/Advert
Long Tengen Dust Sleeve with Styrofoam

*Note: This is already on the list, but is submitted for picture documentation. Also, the GameFAQs list says there was no styrofoam insert, although there was with this copy (see pics).







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So it's been a while, but I will be doing an update at some point in the near future.  Just a lot of life and health things to deal with, but I definitely wanna get it done ASAP.  In the mean time, keep 'em coming!  Glad to see this project still chugging along through the death of two forums!

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