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  1. I only know little mermaid as a AUS-1, same thing with Duck tales. The AUS must have existed, but certainely never distributed. In fact the same thing as wario blast usa-1. We think the first version was the not for release. But not sure about it
  2. Here s a video https://youtu.be/izCQQNDy89U
  3. Hi ! I own more than 100 CIB aus games. Let me help you Missing games : Aladdin Boxxle bugs bunny aus-1 brugertime deluxe choplifeter 2 Double dragon 3 elevator action fortified zone elevator action fortified zone Motocross maniacs Nintendo world cup pac in time probotector Ninja gaiden shadow warriors Bart beanstalk Soccer Spiderman 2 Street Fighter II top ranking tennis kung fu master kwirk lemmings Strange cards ... Sure of this ??? DMG-AMCP-AUS-1 -> never heard about this cartridge DMG-AGGA-AUS-1 Game Boy Ga
  4. There are 169 AUS cartridges known Some errors in this listing : DMG-AGAP-AUS Game & Watch Gallery AGAP is the euroPe code. AGAU is the aUstralian one. DMG-AGAP-AUS Game & Watch Gallery DMG-AGIJ-AUS Game Boy Gallery 2 So these two ones don t exist DMG-ALNP-AUS-1 Lion King, The AUS version exists. DMG-T4-AUS Trip World DMG-T6-AUS Tumble Pop DMG-SI-AUS Sword of Hope 2, The Do not exist DMG-H3-AUS Micro Machines DMG-H3-AUS Micro Machines - Ocean Budget White Label same cartridge
  5. At least 91 cartridges for the CHN set (including one missprint and one restickered)
  6. there are CAN 42 cartridges . Sure for tetris can-3 ? Don t remember if it exists
  7. Hi dear passionate ! Guigui48 from game-boy-database.com here. Let me help you, there are several errors in this listing. Let me tell you some : DMG-98003-EUR Twin Pack Big Value - Super Mario land - Super Mario land 2 DMG-98110-EUR Twin Pack Big Value - Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong Land UKV not EUR Disney's Hercule : NOE, FAH, UKV, but no EUR version DMG-AKF-EUR : these codes don t exist DMG-ASQE-EUR SeaQuest: DSV DMG-ASQP-EUR SeaQuest DSV ASQE is for amErica ASQP is for euroPe DMG-AXOP AXOP is for FAH and NOE versions.
  8. Hi Fcgamer and thanks for your answers ! As we said, we only speak about official releases (with nintendo seal of quality, except for Brazil) To complete RPGHCG, I can tell you that we know a lot of serious american collectors. And american collectors helped us with the game boy database. It was said later that 30% of the american catalog was missing, I think he was speaking about boxes, and that's right. But boxes are the website's goal. Not this book. if it can help, I can give you how many cartridges we found out. For the american area (USA, not including "not for
  9. I read your thread. Who asked you for sachen games ? Just a precision, we talk about 99,99% of official releases.Sachen was not official. Collectors who made this book are for example RPGHCG, guigui48, eegbor, unexist, i ll let you check on google, but serious colecltors. If you wanna hear them (french sound) : last thing about missing games : all lists were built from worldwide collectors who helped us through our collections, this project, and database. Lists have been built since more than 10 years.
  10. no they re not in different sizes, we used photoshop, but it needs more finitions...
  11. less than one month I think. For your post about game-boy-database.com... It was too heavy for only one guy to manage it.. We wanted a new website.... I saw your work, if you wanna join the team.... You welcome ^^
  12. Hi all ! I am Guigui48 from the site www.game-boy-database.com, and one of the creators of the project. I have been collecting DMG (all global variants) for over 15 years, and have a small collection of over 1000 CIB games. Besides, I know some of you ^^ First of all, well done for your work, and excuse me in advance for my English. I will clarify some points! So first some numbers. On the site which references box variations, we are indeed at more than 4850 different boxes. We estimate between 10,000 and 12,000 the number of box variants in the world. No, the project is not o
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