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Talking about old and lost gameboy games and how to identify the real from will not so real games.

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2020 Reflections

As we ring in the new year I can only think "wow what a year". Some people will say this is the worst year, other will say it the best year, and then you have people who say "WTF". Reflect back at the used game market at the start of the year when we were able to get games for a nominal cost. Then March 21 hit like a ton of bricks.  Everyone was locked down; all cargo was stopped. The world looked on as the second pandemic of the 21th century hit.  Since March the "Second hand gam


JVOSS in 2020 Reflection

Working list of World DMG Carts Part 14 Not For Resale (NFR) Cartridges

List of DMG NFR games.  this list only list the label variant for example  DIS-DMG-EE-USA. Other NFR DMG game have been identified with a Sticker on the back however that is not what this post/list is about.  DIS-DMG-AKLE-USA    Killer Instinct (NFR) DIS-DMG-AKLE-USA    Donkey Kong Land (NFR) DIS-DMG-AKLE-USA    Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (NFR) DIS-DMG-AKLE-USA    Ken Griffey Jr. Presents: Major League Baseball (NFR) DIS-DMG-AKLE-USA    Kirby's Block Ball (NFR) DIS-DMG

North America Game Boy Data

Today was looking for a Game Boy North America Time line.  Was unable to find a usable one so i started to go over what i could find here is what i have composed.  let me know if this is not correct or you have more data to support the time line. Game Boy  July 21, 1989 Game Boy "Play It Loud"  March 20, 1995     Vibrant yellow     radiant red     gorgeous green     deep black     "high-tech" transparent. Game Boy Pocket (MGB-001)        Silver September 3, 1996  


JVOSS in Game Boy NA Data

Working list of World DMG Carts Part 12 NINTENDO POWER Cartridges

As I was working on the Tetris list I realized that the little known NP Carts have not been discussed much.  A quick Google search and there are a handful of good solid reference(see below) to the Nintendo Power Kiosk and how they were intended to be the "new way" to distribute games without real carts.  Sadly it never took off and so we are left with stuck in time game carts that are loaded with unknown games until you power up with your retro GB. Summary: There were 129 known titles



Working list of World Gray Carts Part 11 Europe (EUR)

This weeks list is the EUR list as best i have found. DMG-98003-EUR Twin Pack Big Value - Super Mario land - Super Mario land 2 DMG-98110-EUR Twin Pack Big Value - Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong Land DMG-A2JP-EUR Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues DMG-A3BP-EUR Batman Forever DMG-A3GP-EUR PGA Tour '96 DMG-A3MP-EUR Mortal Kombat 3 DMG-A3VP-EUR Bust-a-Move 3 DX DMG-A65P-EUR Un Indien Dans La Ville DMG-A6BP-EUR NBA Live '96 DMG-A6HP-EUR NHL '96 DMG-A6MP-EUR Madden '96 DMG-A6SP-EUR FIFA Soccer


JVOSS in Part 11 Europe (EUR)

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 3 Canada (CAN)

Been out for a bit thought i put the CAN list out this week.  Remember this is a work in progress. this is the Confirmed list: Cleaning Kit DMG-A-CAN-CN Alleyway DMG-AW-CAN Baseball DMG-BS-CAN Baseball DMG-BS-CAN-1 add @samsamsamsmasmasma Balloon Kid DMG-BT-CAN-1 Balloon Kid DMG-BT-CAN Yoshi's Cookie DMG-CI-CAN Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! DMG-EE-CAN F1 Race DMG-F1-CAN-1 F1 Race DMG-F1-CAN Play Action Football DMG-FL-CAN-1 Play Action Football DMG-FL-CAN Gameboy Manuals DMG-


JVOSS in Part 3 Canada (CAN)

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 8 HB/INDIE/Other

So today i will touch on the more obscure listing for GB carts.  As a junkie for GB i have looked into the addition of the Obscure list to add to my world lists and sets. i have identified a few that will be in the OG catagory and few that fall in the after OG/ and color. VG is littered with various HB and INDIE companies and where do they fall in to a "Collectors" set.  As far as I'm concerned the HB, INDIE, and whatevers belong in the set. Disagree as you may.  so with that being sai


JVOSS in Part 8 HB/INDIE/Other

Box Variant Gameboy Console Database

List of Boxes (Catalog Code for Game Boy/Game Pocket/Game Boy Light/Game Boy Color) Not all have been verified for box(Catalog Code). Naming standards are listed below(some codes are a best guess!!!!!) DMG GANEW JPN SYS   Nintendo Game Boy    [ALTUS Newing Sale Commemoration Off White] DMG YARIBON JPN SYS   Nintendo Game Boy    [Ayumi Shiina! Ribon

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 6 China (CHN)(FCO)

This weeks list is the FOR CHINA ONLY CHN-FCO list.  they differ from the Hong Kong version. thanks @fcgamer for this image. Conformed List DMG-101-CHN-FCO     Super Mario Land DMG-102-CHN-FCO     Dr. Mario DMG-103-CHN-FCO     F1 Race DMG-104-CHN-FCO     Tetris DMG-105-CHN-FCO     Yakuman DMG-106-CHN-FCO     Tennis DMG-112-CHN-FCO     Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise DMG-117-CHN-FCO     Elevator Action DMG-132-CHN-FCO     Mario & Yoshi DMG-203-CHN-FCO     Mega

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 5 Hong Kong (CHN)

This weeks list is the confirmed CHN list.  All the games in the list are for Hong Kong area DMG 101 CHN Super Mario Land DMG 102 CHN Dr. Mario DMG 103 CHN F1 Race DMG 104 CHN Tetris DMG 105 CHN Yakuman DMG 106 CHN Tennis DMG 107 CHN Ganso!! Yancha Maru DMG 108 CHN Ninja Spirit DMG 109 CHN Match-Mania DMG 110 CHN R-Type II DMG 111 CHN Milon's Secret Castle DMG 112 CHN Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise DMG 113 CHN Bomber Boy DMG 114 CHN Daruman Busters DMG 115 CHN Blaster Master Jr. DMG


JVOSS in Part 5 Hong Kong (CHN)

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 4 Australia (AUS)

DMG-AE-AUS Aerostar DMG-A6-AUS Agro Soar DMG-AGCP-AUS Arcade Classics #3: Galaga / Galaxian DMG-BU-AUS Burai Fighter Deluxe DMG-CJ-AUS Castelian DMG-HQ-AUS Chase HQ DMG-YT-AUS Donkey Kong Land DMG-VU-AUS Dr. Mario DMG-AGGA-AUS Game Boy Gallery 5 in 1 DMG-RA-AUS Gargoyle's Quest DMG-YO-AUS Mario & Yoshi DMG-RW-AUS Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge DMG-ML-AUS Super Mario Land DMG-MQ-AUS Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG-AV-AUS T2: The Arcade Game DMG-TR-AUS Tetris DMG-AW2P-AUS Wario Land II D


JVOSS in Part 4 Australia (AUS)

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 2 French and Holland (FAH)

This weeks list is FAH,  French and Holland.  The list has a few additions that are not generally tracked example Hardware or Manuals. DMG A FAH FA Four Way Gameboy Addaptor DMG A2XP FAH Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament DMG A8 FAH 1 Addams Family, The: Pugsleys Scavenger Hunt DMG AC3E FAH Choplifter III DMG ACGP FAH Pinocchio DMG ADDP FAH 1 Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest DMG ADSP FAH Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf DMG AF FAH Addams Family, The DMG AG FAH Pang DMG AGGA FAH

Working list of World Gray Carts Part 1 Asia (ASI)

This weeks list is for the Gameboy ASI set.  not much is know from my end for listing but thought i would share what i have. Its not a large list but it is 100% Confirmed. DMG AW ASI Alleyway DMG TS ASI Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly DMG TH ASI Days Of Thunder DMG RE ASI R-Type DMG ML ASI Super Mario Land DMG TR ASI Tetris DMG TK ASI Mercenary Force DMG NG ASI Ninja Gaiden Shadow DMG TZ ASI T2: Terminator Judgment Day DMG DD ASI Double Dragon DMG F1 ASI F-1 Race DMG G2 ASI Gaunt


JVOSS in Part 1 Asia (ASI)

Brazil Gameboy real?

Welcome to the first talk about the Brazil gameboy games. First off i'm currently working to build the largest World gameboy game list and own all that are possible.  This topic is one that is not seen or talked about but by only a few die hard collectors.  



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