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  1. My game arrived today making it 44 days total and around 30 business days that they had it until it was shipped. it got graded on april 2nd. Speedrun tier.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYt0WbDjJ4E
  3. Somewhere between a cup of coffee and a yacht. Spin the wheel of prices with us!
  4. now is probably the time for the garbage pail heard those are getting a big jump lately.
  5. Just to clarify I was making a joke from the most recent wata appearance on pawn stars ha, with the way the Mario markets shaking up I could probably afford a 1.5 cib last production. Wild stuff. pretty solid list though been recently going through my stuff and sending it off.
  6. Listen bud I know a guy who would pay 2 million for this game without even thinking.
  7. 1) What a good problem to have, congrats on the grade. 2) while I don’t personally like the high up charge, I can see the point of view. Whether or not it’s completely justified I don’t know but as others have stated it is mentioned on site. Unfortunately if you do choose to sell your jacuzzi full of money will be just slightly emptier. solid score, though.
  8. Tried on other forum section but this one seems like a better bet in hindsight Just not super well versed in verifying these so help Is appreciated. Seems pretty good to me but not 100%
  9. Look what has returned https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mario-Kart-64-Factory-Sealed-VGA-1st-Print-READ-DESCRIP-New-N64-Nintendo-64-WATA/184750590590?hash=item2b03fe4a7e:g:zuAAAOSwgbNgZ4cG I can't imagine asking any amount of money period for this thing and keeping a straight face. I feel like the only prospective buyers would be people who literally dont check the pictures at all and just hit buy it now. Sorry Swamp Thing, that games a dud now.
  10. You'd think VGA will be a bit better and it may be, but i saw somebody trying to sell a coveted VGA 40 ocarina of time for 8 grand so, the outlook is appearing grim. hahaha.
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