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  1. Time to buckle down and try to complete my set of licensed NES games (minus Stadium Events) as well as Tengen games. I’ve listed the games I am looking for below. Loose is preferred, but willing to consider boxes and manuals as long as the price is right. All games should be working, clean with no label issues (tears, peels, etc) and preferably no marker or stickers that can’t be easily removed. They don’t need to be ‘mint’, but they need to present well. I would like to see pics of the front, back and top spine of any games we are discussing and would greatly appreciate any potential concerns on the condition be pointed out. Also hoping to buy in bulk! As for me - I’ve had trades here, a few on NA, a few from reddit and various other spots. I can provide references/links if needed. PayPal is my preferred payment method. PM me to kick off a conversation. Onto the list!
  2. If that Trinitron was 32” I’d be all over it. Hope someone takes these and puts them to good use!
  3. I used to play this game all the time at my cousins house. I'll take it! Sending a PM.
  4. I'm in the process of hopefully making a video game xmas related holiday for my daughter! She's 8 and has gamed with me for most of her life, but just casually over the years. She got into Animal Crossing with me during the pandemic and continues to play a few times a week still. But she complains that the Switch is too heavy and bulky (we tend to play handheld) and asked for her own Switch Lite from Santa. So as I type this out, I have Coral Pink Switch Lite downloading Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Minecraft for her. I can't wait until xmas morning
  5. Seems like the collection tracker is back online.
  6. Anyone else experiencing issues logging into the collection tracker? HTTP Status 500 - null (Service: AWSCognitoIdentityProvider; Status Code: 504; Error Code: null; Request ID: null)
  7. I added both of you! Posting my code in case anyone else is looking for Super Mario Run Friend's: 5108-4965-3986
  8. This Reddit thread talks about the puzzles and dragons 3ds from a guy who won it. Cool little story.
  9. Thanks @Magus For anyone else who may stumble upon this post, Magus left an update here:
  10. Seems like the site is having problems again, it's been a few days since it was last working for me. @Magus - any updates on what's going on?
  11. Perfect transaction! Shipped quick, arrived as expected. Thanks!
  12. Discuss your experiences dealing with JediTrix...
  13. Switch games too! I don’t think anything new has been added since maybe September 2019.
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