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Beat every Game Boy game - 2022 - 160/566


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12 hours ago, Matt 4120 said:

I forgot to post this, and I didn’t get photos, but I finished Jeopardy! Platinum Edition and Balloon Kid.

Balloon Kid is short but sweet, and the music is good. I wish there were a few more levels. Jeopardy still sucks.

Nice! That gets us to 160 for the year, which is a nice total considering 150 wasn't a sure thing.

I'm also pleased that (once my points for Popeye are added) I just barely made the Top 10, which feels like an achievement considering how little bandwidth I've had for gaming this year.

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  • The title was changed to Beat every Game Boy game - 2022 - 160/566
23 hours ago, Splain said:

Ok, that's a wrap for 2022, I think I've got everything recorded correctly. Props to @Floating Platforms for topping the leaderboard!

Woo Hoo!  Since my goal was to simply be in the top 5, that is pretty cool! That was a great run at the end of the year. Hopefully that momentum can carry over to 2023 as well.

I do really hope I can get closer to 50 games done this year, but so much is dependent on polls and several voters like to pick the obnoxiously hard ones, so I half expect to tackle Championship Pool, Dragon's Lair and World Bowling.

Thanks for putting this all together like always, @Splain!

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