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Can someone explain to me what the heck this means on WATA's website? (pricing)


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Those 0s should probably say NA.  They aren't accepting submission for those types of items and those tiers, due to being overburdened.

I guess the system just shows $0.  

You can try to submit one, but when you get through to that point in the process, those will be grayed out and show "NA."

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On 11/27/2021 at 8:23 PM, Code Monkey said:

This is what happens when you want to change your website yourself without paying the developers to change it properly.

Instead of having a $500 bill for removing the old pricing tiers, you just set them to $0.

You mean like this?

the big lebowski GIF by hero0fwar

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Same shit happened on my orders when they changed the Select price from $35 to $45. I panicked and had to email them asking why I was being charged an extra $10 per game after they had had them for months. 

I wasn't actually charged any extra, just their shoddy website. The price was probably just updated on the back end and as long as nothing broke they shipped the code. Hell, they may not have even tested it before they changed 🤣 

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