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New Smash Bros DLC character on October 5 2021


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So who’s it gonna be? Any guesses.

Personally I think it has to be either a character with mass appeal, so that Smash can lure in new fans that were not already playing Smash. (More Smash sales)

Or it would have to be a character for one of Nintendo’s existing IP’s that has a new game coming out. This way Nintendo can capitalize on the large size of it Smash base to promote an upcoming game.

Personally, I’d love to see a Metroid Dread version of Samus with new move sets. Although I don’t really think this will be the case.

A second guess would be a Nintendo Switch and XBox Gamepass collaboration will be announced and will be kicked off by Master Chief being placed in Smash Bros


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what could this mean? Whether your a Smash Bros player or simply love games??

why would some who simply loves games, but is not particularly fond of Smash Bros tune in? Could this be a big announcement? 

I wonder if this decline to comment is a silent smirk: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.videogameschronicle.com/news/microsoft-exec-declines-to-comment-on-status-of-game-pass-nintendo-switch-talks/amp/

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I actually thought it was Sora from KH but now I realise I misread the title of the article the other day. It said 'Smash Bros. Ultimate Fans Split on Kingdom Hearts' Sora as Final DLC'. I didn't read the article so I read it as that it was announced and the fans were split on whether that was a good last fighter haha.

Another Microsoft crossover would be interesting like Master Chief but I'd really love if they did another FE character just to see fans blow up in anger haha.

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Hopefully nothing from square-enix, or another franchise in game already.

I know they'd be too short sighted, but Dragalia Lost their mobile IP just got its 3rd anniversary, why not the lead from that game, a sword using prince?  Swords are common enough the mechanic can be accounted for.  Euden can transform into a dragon form for heavy attack that's wind based, knows a couple good sword strikes that would play well to the limited brawler mechanic of the franchise too.

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