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Zelda NES French Version


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that is the Dutch/French/Belgian release......

in that condition it's worth anywhere from 148-236 US dollars
depending on the inserts and state of the cartridge....

this white round seal quality version should have:

- code on inside flaps of the box NES-ZL-FAH
- 3 screw cartridge white round seal of quality with code NES-ZL-FRA (FAH code on back)
- dust cover with red Nintendo letters
- Manual with code NES-ZL-FAH* (or NES-ZL-FAH-1)
- Zelda Map with code NES-ZL-FAH

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On 7/23/2021 at 9:25 PM, phart010 said:

Is it PAL from France or French-Canadian?

The only Canadian French cart I'm aware of is Kirby's Adventure.  Note that there is no way (short of firing up the cart) to tell the difference if the game doesn't have a box, so if you pick up a -CAN Kirby's Adventure, especially from Quebec, there's a possibility it's a French Canadian cart and you don't know it.


On 7/23/2021 at 9:55 PM, guillavoie said:

That's PAL, there's some Netherlands stuff written on it. Plus, canadian first party games were distributed by Mattel.

Not entirely true.  The last Mattel game was either NES Open or Yoshi (can't find conclusive box pics for Yoshi).  Additionally, a few games that got reissued later have "Mattel" and "Nintendo" versions (SMB3, Super Spike V'Ball, NES Open, etc).  The difference is the presence (or lack thereof) of the Mattel logo.

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