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My special old-time Final Fantasy III poster in the style of Nintendo Power ones!


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I have made in art class at the time of game this Nintendo Power style poster of Final Fantasy III. I purchased game on first day out, the SNES version of FFIII. My random art to pass time and I was totally taken away by this game of any for that time. I have this in my old-time folder of art wanted to share. I had the North America installment, I was unaware of FFVI at time!


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A while ago (a couple years) I asked around and wanted to see if anyone had child art, maps, etc. from video games that they had found in their games while collecting and if they'd be willing to pass them my way.

Not many people responded, but this is exactly the stuff I'm looking for.  Sorry to get slightly-philosophical, but one day while I was flipping through my wife's great-great grand mother's reader from when she was a child, I saw her scribbles and doodles and I had a realization that "kid" art is truly a form of art that is ignored but one worth enjoying if you give it a chance.

No, this isn't "excellent" from an artistic capability perspective, but children tend to draw and paint with passion and freedom of expression.  The lack of capability also tends to lend itself to a semi-unified art style amongst children.  Consider that over the years and ages, art trends are constantly changing.  Young children rarely pick up on that, they pick up a crayon or a pencil and then just draw what they want, uninhibited and as I saw in my wife's grandmothers reader, it looked like a kid could have drawn it yesterday, rather than 125 years ago.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.  This is great and I wish I could find more examples of this in the wild.

TL;DR: Thanks for sharing this.  I really think this is cool and I appreciate it.

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