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Game Boy Maru's Mission Alternate Box

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I have a copy and I am curious about this too. I feel like some were imported and sold in Europe as is but not sure. The blank flaps are interesting and the box is larger than standard GB boxes iirc.




There's also this thing that I don't own personally. What were these called again? I think they related to certain American retailer(s) but again I'm not savvy enough:


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6 hours ago, RoyalT said:

Very cool @sp1nz!  I'm wondering if they abandoned this cover in favor one that actually shows Maru.   Your card looks like a vidpro card of sorts.

Yeah that was it. I guess they were promotional display cards in Toys R Us only? It means there's advertisement with the Monsterhead cover in "official" capacity at least, so maybe it can be part of the answer for the variant - heck maybe the variant is a Toys R Us display box or something but not sure why they would have been pieced together with other contents, if it were to be just a display or promotional box. The size difference of the box also doesn't seem like it would be official quality assured product but there's some minor / major variety in official Nintendo releases too of course, like GB Beavis and Butt-Head having different style of plastic tray (at least in Europe).

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10 hours ago, dmgdatabase said:

Hi everybody !

In Europe, this box variation appears really often.

Can U tell us if you easily find this game in USA ?

I think about a version for Europe.

Regards everyone

Speaking only for myself, I was the only kid I ever knew to have that game and never saw the alternate art, on the box nor the cartridge.  As an adult, this thread is the first time I've ever seen it, so I can't imagine it's terribly common within the US at all, even if it does have the occasional appearance in Europe.

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