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PS4 Life Span?

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So back in April I'm sure a lot of you heard that the CMOS battery in the PS4 has an issue. If it dies, you can no longer play digital OR physical games.

I saw that "Sony was looking into it", but I haven't seen anything pop up since.

I don't own a PS4 yet, I always planned to get one when prices were reasonable because I have a lot of LRG PS4 games.

But the CMOS battery issue made me wonder if I should try to sell off those games and get the Switch versions instead. Or am I overthinking this?

What are you guys who have PS4 collections doing? Are you worried about the future, or do you think everything will work out?

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I wouldn't worry about it.  Sony claims they are "working on it."  But even if they aren't, someone else will be.  Assuming Sony never fixes this with a patch, it won't become an issue until many years after Sony abandons the system, and the hacking and jailbreaking community will have fixed the issue by then.  

If you want to worry about something, you should focus your worry on whether the PS4 will even last that long and how easy or difficult it will be to get replacement parts.  That's a much bigger concern than the battery issue.  

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2 hours ago, Gloves said:

Just get a ps5, they're backwards compatible, and even play the games better than any version of the ps4

If I can't afford a PS4 right now, no way in hell can I afford a PS5. And who's to say there isn't something wrong with the PS5 that Sony snuck in that we won't find out until a few years in the future?

I'm also not planning on buying anything newer then PS4. I'm kind of calling it quits on Playstation and Xbox. Nintendo I'll still throw money at since they're bae~

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It's a messy situation, but I'm sure it can be fixed in an update. At least I HOPE they fix it. It sounds a simple as something like disabling trophy functionality while still allowing games to be played if both the servers and the battery don't sync up correctly--which I'll be fine with that compromise. 

Let's let's face it, if an update like that were to happen and the console and it's network no longer is a priority to sony, trophies wouldn't matter anyways. I think the only problem we'd have to worry about then is lasers wearing out, bad caps, and hard drive heads breaking down. 


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