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If you could have a custom made console, what console would you choose, and what game would you want displayed?

Was looking online at some paint jobs, and saw these (by Vaduz Amka). Even if you already have one, what other console would you like to get a paint job? 

Mine would be a DKC themed one for the European SNES



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hmm, hard to say. my favorite system is the NES and my favorite series is Zelda, but i haven't really loved any Zelda NES that i've seen. i almost feel like an n64 with some sort of wrestling game collage would be ideal. i spent so many damn hours on WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF No Mercy, and the others that it would probably win. But there's always Goldeneye too. a Bond console could be amazing.

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I want an OEM NES but solid black.  You might be thinking that's easy, but no.  I want it exactly as it is, but I also want all of the original font and lettering on the door and the buttons.

Red and black like Knight Rider.  I don't know why but I've wanted something like that for years, but I'm sure I'll never see it.  If anyone has a good way of ink stamping red text that's very similar to the original ink, I might try to figure out a way to do this on my own.  The lettering on the NES cleans off quite easily so you could wipe one down, spray paint it black, then re-apply the ink from some painstakingly made vector graphics for all logos and  text and have something practically the same.

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