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Name The Game I'm Describing (It's A Trick)

Code Monkey

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PLEASE, NO SPOILERS! I'm not finished the game yet.

  • You travel around an open world completing quests and solving puzzles
  • You fight monsters that are guarding chests which give you upgrades
  • You can run, climb and glide but this depletes your stamina bar
  • You have weapons such as a sword, axe and bow
  • You collect different plants to use in a cooking pot to make health / attack / defense / stamina boost combinations
  • There are many underground areas found throughout the land where you find an entrance, go inside, solve a puzzle or win a battle and then get a token as a prize at the end
  • Tokens from these underground battles / puzzles can be traded in to upgrade your amount of stamina or health
  • One of the first items you obtain is something that lets you glide across great distances so you don't need to walk everywhere
  • Time progresses through day and night on your journey
  • You can approach, tame and ride a wild horse which you can call on at any point in your journey

Did you guess The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? If so, you'd be wrong! Some more (better) features of this game:

  • Your character is female (you can choose male in the settings)
  • There is no rain to stop you from climbing
  • Your weapons do not break, you keep them for the entire game
  • Jumping while climbing up a rock face uses less stamina than just climbing

The game is Immortals Fenyx Rising and is absolutely incredible. Everyone knows by now how similar it is to Breath Of The Wild but it's even better than I thought it was going to be. It's built around Greek Mythology and is pretty faithful to the stories with Zeus and Prometheus narrating your journey. The movement is smooth, the narration occurs at just the right times on your journey, the soundtrack is brilliant. The polish on this game is one of the best I've ever played, this should win some sort of award. The game even alerted me when I would enter an area and didn't yet have an upgrade I needed to complete that area. I never got into a situation where I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do, the game always let me know if what I was attempting was impossible at this point. At one point I was just climbing a wall and the game told me I was getting close to a major boss and that I probably shouldn't attempt it without a few more upgrades.

If you haven't played this game and you like Breath Of The Wild, you have to give this one a try. I know there are multiple stories about how much pressure the Ubisoft development team was under to get this finished so I thought it would be full of problems but I don't download updates for any of my games and this one hasn't crashed once after 30-40 hours already. I would actually argue that in some ways this game is actually better than Breath Of The Wild, I'm certainly having more fun playing this one but maybe that's because I really enjoy Greek Mythology.

The one thing you could possibly complain about and the one thing I hear everyone mention is how bad the voice acting is for the narratives. The fake Greek accents are pretty bad but it still gets the point of the story across and I feel like they just didn't have the budget for proper voice actors. The game itself is incredible so they skimped on the budget in the most appropriate place, that's the voices, so I'm glad about that. I really think after this game does so well that the sequel will have a much larger budget to do the voice acting properly.

Seriously, try it. I got it on sale half price for $40 and I would have paid full price for this.

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Very well done trickery style write up.  I wasn't thinking it was BotW easy, and it did fit with the other.  I've got the game on Switch and it's amazing.  I don't remember it ever telling me I was outclassed.  It has me backed into an aggravating place right now if I were to pick it back up I'd need to do a fast map teleport out.  I've got this mean bitch harpy boss on a mountain top I can't make a dent in with all the backup the thing has.  Once I got it to progress to the platform up top, where now there's no cover and you just get wrecked.  I was wanting to finish out Artemis story there, but I think I may need to quit on it and go try one of the two guys.  The problem is the game is so time consuming I wanted to try something else, so I hope to go back to it.

Ubisoft did take some Zelda notes, the lack of breaking goods, far less emphasis on farming garbage to level up since it's more naturally just given by the environment, and the stamina being less nasty are some nice improvements.  Like you, the mythology is a big draw, same draw that got me into the first 3 God of War games more than the play itself as that style game tends to overstay it's welcome with me.

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