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Virtual Boy Weekly Contest Round 9: Red Alarm


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Hello and welcome to the ninth round of the Virtual Boy Weekly Contest!  This week's game is Red Alarm.  From the creators of the arguably best Game Boy Shooter, Chikyu Kaihou Gun ZAS, comes Red Alarm, the best Game on Virtual Boy (at least, I think it is).  Plays like Star Fox, but with more freedom of movement.


- Play on Normal (the default)

- Play until Game Over (no continues allowed) or you beat the game

- Highest score wins

- You have until 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, February 14, 2021 to submit your score.

For general contest rules, click here:


Good luck and have fun!



1. 169,100 (ZeldaFan042)

2. 166,600 (Splain)

3. 137,200 (a3quit4s)

4. 84,800 (nesmaster14)

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Editorials Team · Posted

I shouldn't have put this off as long as I did, I had sort of a mediocre experience with this game the first time I tried it years ago, and I haven't picked it up since, till now finally. I understand it a little better now. It's still not my favorite game, but it's definitely a great game and really immersive. It's great to accelerate through a corridor with that sweet 3D.



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Just got another run in, here's my best so far.  Pretty fun/immersive game and feels overall well-made. I think I might try to beat it outside the contest. redalarm_score2.jpeg.a01f2f670c20067bb6d1aa7c9c9c6ae8.jpeg

So earlier in the week I thought my batteries were bad (it's been a long time since I've fired up the ol' VB), but then noticed it started having display issues.  Ordered a gamebit and took it apart. Seemed the ribbon cable got nudged. Luckily, was able to fix it by 3d printing a bracket! (white piece in picture)



Rescued virtual boy, now I just need to improve my game lol.

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