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As in Clothing rather than wear and tear.  This was my game wear for New Year's Day, although I'm usually not wearing both at the same time which may henceforth be referred to as "Double D-Padding" by anyone who sees fit.  Got me wondering what sort of Video Game Related Clothing others might have.  

Vintage / Recent History / Brand Spanking New    etc.

threads nes.png

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I collect the vans x nintendo collab they did a couple years back, here's a few of em20200520_181619.thumb.jpg.70e0f583402722406fffcd6b4438a76f.jpg20200520_182329.thumb.jpg.bb4b30ab7ab90d636b9b23179f704103.jpg20200520_182529.thumb.jpg.412ed47785dc61336287afb175464da7.jpg20200602_161722.thumb.jpg.1f0acb88f92248d43081f113521cd298.jpg


I also like promotional hats, this is probably my favorite one (I like the fit so much I bought 3 of em)


Halloween 2020

More vans



I guess I have a bunch of random game t shirts too...

This thread made me realize I have far more gaming related clothing than I realized.

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@drxandy I’m jealous, I wanted those Vans shoes but I didn’t get to them in time, was all sold out. I settled for a hat:


I also have some other headwear, like these Super Mario 3D World promotional cat ears I got for free at NY Comic Con:


This Plants vs Zombies Wall-nut beanie I got for free at Pax East:


This pre-order bonus Rooster Hat for Scribblenauts:


And this pre-order bonus t-shirt for Carnival Games:


I have a bunch more but will have to post another time!

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Favorites so far: The High-Tops of course, Duck Hunt Socks/Hat, Anything that actually says "ULTRA 64" has extra awesomeness, the shirt that just has the minimal 3D N on it.  Also, would be cool if there's more out there with the just the pixelated art like that Tecmo Bowl Shirt...

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