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Good day all.  Looking to a few games.  please DM me pictures and your price.  Thank for looking.

Looking for Cart Only. the ones listed are for Game Boy are NA but will look at any region. 


Hyper Lode Runner  NonROM A Version
F-1 Race  NonROM A Version
King James Bible
Smurfs, The  NonROM A Version

Nintendo Memory Game Boy Carts (white ones)


any Non-NA Game Boy games.


2004 Pocket Monster Ruby(Sintax)
2004 Pocket Monster Sapphire(Sintax)
Pocket Monster Emerald(Sintax)
Pocket Monster Red(Sintax)
Old Master Legend(Sintax)
Onimusha 3(Sintax)
Mettle Slug 3(Sintax)
Metal Slug 2(Sintax)
Crazy Arcade 2: Bomberman Jetters(Sintax)
The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils(Sintax)
Blood in the world - Legend of immortal sword(Sintax)
Heroes of The Three Kingdoms(Sintax)
Alien vs Predetor(Sintax)
Granting Titles to Gods(Sintax)

Any Sintax gamboy cart not listed


Vest Fame Games


Rockman ZX4(Vast Fame Game)
Digimon Ruby(Vast Fame Game)
Three Kingdoms(Vast Fame Game)

Any Vast Fame gamboy cart not listed




Any Schen gamboy cart not listed

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3 minutes ago, RH said:

CIB or cart only.  Honestly, I already assumed you had a near complete set... of ALL of them across the globe.

How close to a complete set are you, or are you just looking for specific ROM revisions and date stamps?

Looking for Cart Only. the ones listed are for NA but will look at any region. 

As for completing global set about 3000 from the documented list(finding more each day as I increase my research). 

I have been focusing on Brazilian GB and SCN/CHN.

I let NA go as they are fairly easy to get. 

Always looking for rom version, Date stamp and the "QC" Stamp for the variant collection.

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