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So there's this cool convention happening eh? Or maybe you're doing a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise funds for childrens' hospitals (eeehhhh?). We want you to let us know what's going on out there!

This isn't so much a "Rules" post for now as just a heads up. I'm sure it'll grow and evolve into something more comprehensive with time as we iron out details.

For now I mostly wanted to let people know about the Calendar feature on the site! If you check out the top navigation here on VGS you'll see "Calendar" under "Browse". As it stands, we've left it open so you (yes, you!) can go in there and add your own events! Please do feel free to add any legitimate events (no troll events please, these WILL be moderated) that are coming up to our Calendar so that others can see. There are RSVP tools and such but really even just posting about the cool thing that's coming up will help to get the word out!

We'll likely end up featuring stuff on the Calendar and potentially using it to drop a nice little "Upcoming Events" block on the home page or something. For now it's not there mostly because it's early days so folks haven't gone out of their way to add their stuff to it (perhaps you didn't realize you could!).

So check out the Calendar, and add your events!

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