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Auction Rules


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These are the general VGS Auction Rules. You probably already know how it works.

Once an auction has an active bid, the auctioneer cannot change ANY auction terms, including but not limited to the end date or time, anti-snipe provisions, shipping terms, etc.  Some modifications such as expanded shipping accommodations for international bidders may be allowed if they are less restrictive.  Contact a moderator before making any such changes.

All bids placed must be for the exact amount of your desired bid.  For example, bids such as "+1" or any other non-specific dollar amount bids are invalid.

Please form your auction thread so that the title accurately describes what's being sold (think of how you'd compose an eBay title). Structure your subtitle just as you see for this post. Use EST time and avoid the 01/10/2001 format.

     *** Avoid using generic end-times or days, such as "Auction ends this Thursday."  This is too ambiguous and we need an exact end-date.
     *** The same goes for editing your thread to say "Auction ends Today!" - that is fine to add, as long as the advertised end-date is still listed somewhere

Please update your subtitle at least once a day, when you get your "free bump" to send the auction to the top of the forum. When your auction has ended, modify the end time to a big ***ENDED*** and a moderator will lock your auction up.

To eliminate confusion please once your auction is over adjust the sub title to ENDED!! Please Lock Winning Bid $1.27

All transactions must abide by the VGS rules. Aside from that, the only rules are those set by the seller, and agreed to by the buyer. If something is unclear, ask the seller. If you don't like a rule, take your money elsewhere. If there's a dispute, you are expected to work it out on your own, in PM, directly with the other party. Moderation will not become involved unless there is an issue of some of fraud or other serious wrongdoing.
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Administrator · Posted

Update 09-30-20:  Auctioneers:  Do not edit out your listing and/or the end date and time after the auction is over, regardless of whether there is a winning bid or not.

Update 12-08-19:  Auctioneers:  Do not require, request, or encourage bidders to pay via paypal 'gift' or 'friends & family' in your auction.

Update 11-14-19: Please make sure the end time and date is listed clearly in the auction thread, and not only in the thread title.  The auction end needs to remain throughout the auction and after, as opposed to being edited out with title changes.


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