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Storing console boxes seperate from their contents?


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Over the past year, my collection of boxed consoles has grown drastically (mostly Famiclones). The problem is that for many of these, they are just cardboard top plus a styrofoam bottom, similar to how a Japanese SFC console box is.

The problem then lies in trying to store all of these, as the boxes are quite large. That leads to the notorious stacking method of boxes on top of each other. I cringe knowing that the boxes are slowly but surely getting damaged, but there doesn't seem to be any decent way of storing the boxes, due to constraints of space, etc.

Today as I was carrying a stack of about seven or eight boxed Famiclones to the other room, it dawned on me that if I stored the contents of the boxes seperatly from the boxes themselves, although the boxes would still be stacked, the drastically reduced weight might help prevent the boxes from getting damaged.

Thoughts on this? Any other possibilities for how to store about 50 boxed machines?

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Easier solution is to keep everything together to prevent parts separation or mixing things up without realizing, and just use brown cardboard boxes to store everything with some styrofoam pieces.

Put one sheet of foam on the bottom of the box, then a sheet of styrofoam between every console, and finally a piece of styrofoam on the top...now you even have the ability to stack multiple cardboard boxes together without any damage to the precious contents because the gradual damage is happening to the cheap cardboard, and not the expensive cardboard!

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Almost feels like you need shelves for your shelves, or like those old metal wire frame snap together cube type displays.  You could slot one box into each, but in both cases it will take more room up than it does now, but would take all the weight off the boxes.  It's a shame they can't be flattened, so the only thing you can do is line them up somehow.

I don't keep many, got the action set and the dk super set, and they're standing up with the front facing out, but if I were pinched for space with a deep enough shelf or closet space I'd let them stick out (how books on a shelf look) where they'd eat up little horizontally.  And if I had that many, I'd put some wood into the closet and create a platform over the entire run of it where the highest box would fit, then that would double the space.

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1 hour ago, fcgamer said:

Not all of them are the same, but generally somewhere around 12 * 14 * 3.5 inches.

Something like this might work for you:


You could fit 2-3 in one box with any luck - you can trim down any excess height on each box to save a bit of room. Since they would (mostly**) be the same size (length and width) they should stack easily. You can reinforce each corner with a lathing strip mounted  vertically* and glued to the box - they will take most of the weight so the bottom boxes don't get smooshed.  You can also label the outside of each box with the contents.  Office supply places may have different sized boxes also.  Just an idea.

*just make sure the heights of the strips in each box are the same and go to the very top of the  lower box portion.

**You might need to get two sizes of boxes.

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