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Somebody Recommend me a game


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I'm not really sure what the extant of team management is in "Baseball Stars", but it's been on my 'to play' list for a while even though I don't play many sports games, because it's supposed to be a sort of cross between a sports game and an RPG.  Apparently there is a lot of buying, selling, trading of players and so on as the season progresses.  A lot of people consider it to be the best baseball game on the NES.  The cart has a battery save.  Not sure if you can download it onto the Switch or not...

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It's not, but you can play it on PC using any NES emulator and the ROMS these days seem to somehow not get removed from the web archive so that's not going to be a problem locating it.


Baseball Stars would be the one too.  You play both as the player, but also as the manager/owner of the team too.  You can handle all sorts of stats, trades, roster change ups, subs, etc all within a season and no other game on the system does this.  You basically are controlling all the aspects of the team, not just playing at bat or fielding like the rest.

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