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Game Boy Color Cartridge Circuit Board Lettering Help


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Any Game Boy Color experts out there that can help decipher the meaning of some of the lettering on this Printed Circuit Board Game Boy Color Cartridge?

DMG = Dot Matrix Game
A07 = ?
01 = ?

CGB = Color Game Boy
B = Type B (Clear Cartridge)
S9 = Snoopy ...9?
E = English (North American?)
0 = ?
F1 = ?

M538011E-3G =
1105456 = ?

2M\4M\8M = ?
U1 = ?
C1= ?
VDD = ?

C2 = ?
C3 = ?

3 = ?
MBC = Memory Bank Controller
U2 = ?
5= ?
C4 = ?

P-2 = ?
050U6M = ?

GND32 = ?

1 01 7 = ?
6 12 = ?

PCB = Printed Circuit Board

Much and many thanks!


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Im no expert on this kind of stuff, but I know a bit because of my circuit design experience. 

C1 through C5: these are reference designators for capacitors. If I had to wager a guess, they are 0.1uF (micro farad) in value. One is not populated as it probably was not needed.

U1 and U2 are reference designators for integrated circuits. In this case U1 is the designator for the mask rom (which is what the mrom stands for). U2 is the designator for the memory controller chip. The 5 at the end of it is which version of the chip there is. For example, there is MBC1 through MBC5. Each one does things a bit differently in order to address more memory.

Vdd and the 1 refer to the same thing, which is pin 1 on the card edge. This is your power input which on gameboy I think is 5V? GND32 refers to pin 32 on the card edge. This is your power ground.

I couldn't really tell ya what the chip codes mean. Typically they can be the following: manufacter ID, date code, lot code, factory/facility code, ect identification, or any combination of them.

Referening to the back, that is the pcb date code. The 01 implies it was made on 2001. The dots indicate which month it was made, I can't really tell which one though...

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