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Doom 64 is back!


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2 hours ago, Code Monkey said:

Was it actually any good? The videos I see of it seem terrible but I really enjoyed Doom, Doom II and Doom 3.

Here is the thing with Doom 64, it was a completely new, built from the ground up Doom made exclusively for N64.  It has grown a cult following for sure, with many modders keeping it alive on the PC with custom graphic mods.  Some people call it Doom 2.5.  I enjoyed it on the N64 but never beat it.


If your a Doom fan that just has to play all the Dooms, then you would have to play this one to say you've played them all.

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It's a very good game, actually. Not as good as the original Doom imo, many of the levels having more of a puzzle focus rather than strictly combat based. But it is a long game with loads of levels, and all the carnage and killing you come to expect from a Doom game.

There are two big reasons why this game is overlooked, in my opinion. Firstly, frankly, the name is awful. Nobody realises it is a completely new game, everyone assumes it is just Doom but for the N64. They should have given it some sort of subtitle or SOMETHING to differentiate it as a completely new game.

Secondly, Doom was already old news by the time N64 came around with both Quake and Goldeneye 007 ushering the FPS genre into full proper 3D in innovative and exciting ways. Doom just couldn't get a look in on N64, with games like these around. Even Duke Nukem 64 seemed like a more interesting prospect at the time, rather than yet another version of Doom.

Like I said at the beginning, however, this game is well worth a look, and absolutely essential for anyone who calls themselves a Doom fan!

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