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400 NES games for $500... to the guy who got there before me.

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So I figured this was an epic losers weepers. My friend always looks for Skylander to FB marketplace and found a nice lot that was a good price. We went yard saling earlier that morning and we were just hanging out afterwards drinking coffee and he asked if I wanted to come with.

We get there and he starts asking if he had any other games to sell. He said oh man you guys just missed it. I had someone come by to buy (other item on FB marketplace) that asked about it and they just bought all my NES games for $500!

I was thinking like man, that's steep so I asked him how many he had sold? The answer: 

"I had just over 400 games"

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. I've lost and wept.

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You might be onto something. Someone who has accumulated that many games has to have some idea of their valued, unless they were inherited or something weird.

There's probably a decent chance they were unloading low value games they'd got in lots going for a full set or even just for reselling. 

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