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Calling all NES black box experts!

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I have an opportunity to buy some early print black box games but I need some help from the experts:

1. Is there any way to discern between first/second/third print on a CIB aside from the “void” mark on a peeled sticker? Seems like all of them are exactly the same otherwise.

2. Are there any safe ways to remove marker from an NES box? Two of them have some marker on the artwork.

3. Is it even worth getting a first/second print graded if the box art has a tear from the sticker deal being peeled off? Two of them are definitely first print based on the remnants left on the matte sticker seal on top but the front of the box has damaged artwork from the sticker seal being torn off.

Thanks in advance!

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1)   First print will be the matte sticker games, second print gloss sticker (which leaves the void residue if removed).  third is going to be no sticker, no top left product code, but on the bottom right will have NES-GP.  from there it adds the game code and others.  

2). marker will be tough, could do it, but WATA will know and I'd guess it wouldn't be very beneficial.  Maybe make it more appealing to the next buyer, but not grading.

3). Lately with these ,condition is everything.  I can hardly sell my old boxes that I have upgraded from.  People would prefer a very clean third prin over a damaged first print, which I can understand.  To be honest, if they are as beat up as they sound, and especially if the sticker is gone (keep in mind, even if you can see residue, it COULD not be graded as a first/second print if you cant "prove" it). , I wouldn't pay much at all for them.   Upload or PM me some pictures and I think I could give you a pretty accurate going rate.

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There were plenty of black box games that were never sticker sealed, and some that only had a glossy sticker but never a matte. WATA has a chart of all black box games and how to differentiate between the print runs. I'm not sure where to find it on their website, but I remember when they shared it on NA.

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My girlfriend works in an environmental testing laboratory and has told me before they have chemicals there that can easily get marker off cardboard without damage. I doubt they're chemicals you can get access to as a consumer but it's proof that there are ways it can be done. Maybe there are laboratories you can hire if you're that determined about it.

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