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Kemp's Finds

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The last week and half has been great for finds!

First was the Sega Genesis bundle. Found it on OfferUp Asked if he had more and to bring it to the meetup to see if we could make a deal. Ended up bringing a backwards compatible PS3 that he said isnt working. (Havent tested it yet) A complete in box Xbox and some SNES cardboard, he wasn't sure if anyone would want those because there were no games, I indeed wanted them and they were in pristine condition! Paid up I felt for that lot at $300.

Second find was the Gamecube disc and player along with a Nintendi Wi-fi adapter that Ive never seen before. Was walking through Goodwill and found a sealed plastic box that had tissue paper in the inside with something wrapped inside, cut the tape off cause curiosity got the best of me and turned out to be the player and adapter! Was super stoked. They had it marked at $5, sure I'll take that!

Third find was my favorite. Saw this ad 7 minutes after it was posted. He wanted $100 for everything. He said if you make it here first you can have it. Luckily I was 5 minutes away from him with cash on hand. Asked if he had anything else and he had some Strategy Guides and NP's hanging around. I threw him another $20 for there Strats and NP's. Best pickup in a looooong time, possibly my best ever. There is maybe 200 manuals there? Maybe more, I was hoping for gold and found some! You can see the four there that I pulled real quick and hadn't gone through everything yet, found a mint Demon's Crest manual in there too plus a ton of other good titles that I was needing for my collection. Super happy to find this stuff, its still out there! Keep looking!






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