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  1. Thats awesome he honored the deal. A very nice item you got. Someone was trying to backdoor me on the MACS rifle I got this year, luckily he honored our deal. And I like Tanooki's idea, he deserves some subay.
  2. I'll let you know once I get everything sorted.
  3. The last week and half has been great for finds! First was the Sega Genesis bundle. Found it on OfferUp Asked if he had more and to bring it to the meetup to see if we could make a deal. Ended up bringing a backwards compatible PS3 that he said isnt working. (Havent tested it yet) A complete in box Xbox and some SNES cardboard, he wasn't sure if anyone would want those because there were no games, I indeed wanted them and they were in pristine condition! Paid up I felt for that lot at $300. Second find was the Gamecube disc and player along with a Nintendi Wi-fi adapter that Ive neve
  4. Pleasure to deal with, excellent packing and everything looked great! Thanks!
  5. Feedback and transactions to come!
  6. Looking to save a few bucks off of ebay or amazon. Let me know if you have a complete copy and how much!
  7. Hello! Glad to be back on the new board selling and trading! All prices will include shipping! As far as trades, the only things I'm looking for now are SNES boxes and manuals - any and all that I'm missing! Additional pics upon request. Thanks for looking guys! Open to offers now, lets get some stuff moving! Felix the Cat - Nice condition - S150 Blasto - Case has crack on front, disc I would give 7/10 - $14 Chuck E Cheese Super Collection - Ugly faded and water damaged back, would give disc 6.5/10 - works
  8. I work in a pulp mill, more specifically the steam power plant of the mill. 12 hour days, 4 days on 4 days off.
  9. Place looks great! Glad to be here.
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