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WTB Micro Machines and Tech Decks

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Looking for any and all Galoob/Hasbro Micro Machines from the late '80s up the early '00s. Looking for mainly cars only and not really interested in off brands. Let me know what you got!

Also interested in old Tech Deck skateboards




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1 hour ago, snes_collector said:

It would really depend on what they have, but new old stock sounds interesting! If you are able to snap a picture next time you are by there I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Yup, they just have one or two sets left, I think.

I'll try to swing by on Sunday and take some pictures.

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23 hours ago, Tanooki said:

Are you still looking?  I've got a small box of micro machine stuff I've just been storing for a time, a good bit of it are trains and plenty of track to make a pretty good sized complete oval and then some.  But there also are a small selection of cars, a boat maybe two of those too.

Yes I’m still looking, feel free to drop me a picture when you get a chance


@fcgamer  Sounds good thank you!

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