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  1. People have said modern disc based games will never be collectible for years now, and for a long time I agreeded. But the market continues to show otherwise and some complete copies of Psx, PS2, and GC games are starting to rival their peers on NES and SNES.
  2. I don’t have much to add, but I think I understand how a lot of the old school collectors felt in 2009. This is just mind blowing all across the board for me. Seeing games I remember in stores when they were new sell for $100s or $1000 is just hard for me to wrap my head around. I’m basically completely priced out of the hobby with the exception of picking up new games, and I have came to terms with that.
  3. I managed to pick up: Fairy Tale YS VIII God Wars AI Sominum Files Caliuga Effect Disgaea 4 All for switch And Snk Classics collection and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS4
  4. As of this post, many rarer Switch and PS4 games have came in stock on GameStops website. Better be quick if interested Also, if you buy one new game over $30, you get 30% off, two over you get 50% on one preowned game. Good luck
  5. I'd like to finish all my old sets from when I was a kid. I started back up a year or so ago but haven't bought anything in awhile. I am missing 6 cards from the base set, 13 from Jungle, and 14 from Fossill. I am okay with lightly played condition, so I'm hoping when I actually pick them up they will not cost too much. I own Charizard and Blastoise from back in the day so I think everything else is affoardable.
  6. Very cool! Thanks for the info. Definitely a very cool piece for the collection, congrats!
  7. What is the story on the Animal Crossing disc? Never heard of that variant before
  8. I have had a bunch but this one stands out the most- Years ago (probably 2006-2007) a local GoodWill had a bunch of Sega CD games in the glass case, I didn't own a Sega CD at that time and prices were nothing compared to now so I just kinda glanced and moved on. On the way out my dad asked if I was gonna get any of them so I decided to take a 2nd look- to my surprised I had completely overlooked a complete copy of Keio Flying Squadron! I knew it was desirable back then so I decided to pick that one up for $5. Probably the best single game find I've ever had and a reminder to take a good look a
  9. Yeah, I will have to move mostly to local sales via Marketplace and Craigslist. I had planned on thinning my collection but will probably hold off for the most part and keep a log of my total sales for the year from now on.
  10. I am afraid I am gonna be in for an expensive lesson. I did not realize Virginia lowered the IRS reporting amount down to a measly $600 from $20k. I am afraid this may cost me a good chuck of my tax return and had no idea it even went into affect. I spoke with some others who sell way more than me and most of them had no idea either. This pretty much ends my days selling, and I’m not sure what I will do for things from my collection that I no longer want.
  11. Anyone know of a good place to buy Amiibo card singles? I went online to buy some more packs from the restock and they are completely sold out again everywhere I looked
  12. Joe Santulli, the founder of Digital Press, and a pioneer of video game collecting. I tried finding his old room of doom pictures, but they seem to be offline now.
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