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  1. Damn. I'm looking for just a iv map specifically. I usually don't buy unless it's complete to avoid this, but this one was too beautiful to pass up
  2. It's not the most expensive game I own by a wide margin. It is however one of my favorite games of all time and is pretty much gem mint minus one tiny ding. It immediately gains a prominent place on display once I get in an acrylic case for it.
  3. I'm in the process of picking up a pretty nice Gold Seal Castlevania for NES. My question is, I know the black label is the earlier printing. What kind of price would a near mint/all insert copy of the gold seal be worth? I'm seeing around $200-$250 on ebay sold.
  4. I really don't care. I just thought it was funny what this thread evolved into lol. Glad got his deal done
  5. If it makes you all feel better, I PM'd him right after the post and never heard back.
  6. I came across this for sale. The cart, manual and box each have one of these. Has anyone had any experience attempting to remove this kind of sticker?
  7. Wrong forum
  8. Every Phantasy Star game. I've recently started collecting Sega games as my Nintendo wants are drying up. I picked up the Shining Force games first, and started to look for Phantasy Star. Phantasy Star 1 - was there a toilet paper shortage when this game launched? Every manual has pages ripped out or looks like someone wiped their ass with it. Phantasy Star 2/3 - Did people set their hint books on fire? Do these things even exist? Phantasy Star 4 - Every box looks like someone gave these things the Macho Man leg drop.
  9. These games are all CIB with whatever they would have come with new. 99% of them are from my own purchases. I just need to clear out some backlog stuff as I only collect a few specific items these days. Nothing super special in here, but might be some hole fillers. PS 2 - The Bouncer - Dragon Quest VIII w/ FF12 Demo Box and both manuals - Grandia II - Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts II - Magna Carta Delux set - Metal Gear 2 - Metal Gear 3 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma CE with sealed Soundtrack - Nocturne - Odin Sphere - Okage - Persona 3 FES - Suikoden Tactics PS3 - AR Tonelico Qoga CE - Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY - Batman Arkham City - Bioshock - Bioshock 2 - Catherine Love is Over Edition - Darksiders - Dead Island - Disgea 3 - Disgea 4 - Deus Ex - Dragon Age Awakening - Dragon Age 2 SE - Dragon's Crown - GTA5 - God of War 3 - God of War Collection - Heavenly Sword - Mass Effect Trilogy - MSG4 CE - Oblivion Steelbook - Red Dead Redemption GOTY - Renonance of Fate - Resident Evil 5 Steelbook - Resident Evil 6 - Skyrim GOTY - Uncharted 1/2/3 (with Steelbook) - Valkyria Chronicles I also have a few Double Jump guide books in Soul Nomad and Disgea 3.
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