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SMB3 inserts

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Hey folks!

I bought this version of SMB3 (left variant) years ago and I’ve always wondered what the correct inserts were that came along it.  Anyone have intel to share?  

The box is in fairly poor shape, but honestly that really doesn’t matter to me.  I had always marveled at the “miss twice and your out” grammatical error pictured on the back!😂. This particular copy was purchased from someone who had a video rental store.





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3 minutes ago, ThePhleo said:

If I'm not mistaken, "Left Bros." Mario 3 comes with with 1989 "Now You're Playing With Power" poster (I believe that's the one with the Seal of Quality), and the Super Mario Bros. 3 game specific Nintendo Power Insert.

What about the other inserts?  That’s the info I’m after.

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