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My java games self-made collection


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Hi everyone


I'd like to show unusual collection that I have. Apart from official games in my collection, I made something myself and this is java games collection for Sony Ericsson.


As you know java games for Sony Ericsson were available only for download, but because I love physical games I made copies myself.

Below you will see pictures of one game from each side and from inside, comparison of size of java game with 3DS game and my full collection of 30 java games.

Every box has art cover and game inside on micro memory card. You just place it in Sony Ericsson card slot and play :) The same like 3DS.


 Let me know what you think.







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Thanks for all comments 🙂 I'm happy that you like it.


My next task is to create symbian games collection. I have to find out which phone will be the best for games, which one has memory card slot and easy connection to PC. I think it will be Sonny Ericsson again, but I have to read about it.

This operating system died few years ago, so this means no more games are developed, so it's perfect time to make a complete list of great games.

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I always wondered if anyone is out there collecting Java phone games, not like self-made, but actually tracking down phones with installed games on them like some kind of maniac. I'm not sure if piracy would render that hobby pointless though. It sure is an aspect of games almost no one cares about. This is the last era of moblie games you can really wrap your head around. Now there are well over 1000 apps release a day, making tracking, let alone archiving or collecting them, pointless.

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Just a small update.

As I wrote before I looked for symbian games to add to my collection. There isn't much to choose from, only few games were interesting. Below is photo with added symbian games + 3 more java. Also I think they look nice together with other games on shelf - see photo.

I don't recommend collecting for symbian. Not only there isn't much to choose from, but also you need different phones for different symbian versions. They are not backward compatible.

Only java games are worth it. Sony Ericsson K800i or K810i are the best for collecting java games, 95% of games will work.



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