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D-Day -- June 6, 1944


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If anyone hasn't seen it, The Longest Day (1962) is a good and fairly accurate film - more interesting to me than the battle scenes are the build up which shows what was going on both sides - fortunately for the Allies the German command structure was in chaos since many of the senior commanders were not at the various HQs and the ones that were there had their hands tied since Hitler had to approve just about everything - and he was sleeping through the early hours of D-Day and his staff was afraid to wake him up.


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3 hours ago, avatar! said:

In my opinion the best WWII film/series are

The World at War - which everyone should see

I have seen that series a zillion times - I also have the DVD set - it was fantastic how many people they interviewed - the interviews with one of Hitler's secretaries (who was in the bunker at the end) were pretty amazing.

There are some other WWII series out right now ()on what used to be the history channel) that are pretty interesting in that they cover a lot of aspects that the BBC documentary series didn't.

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I can't believe we're already at the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.  This means that if you figure a 20 year old in 1945 (just to keep the math simple) that means WWII vets would now be in their 90s at minimum.  Even 'Nam vets are at least in their 60s already and now Gulf War vets are entering their 50s!  IOW we are now at the same point regarding WWII vets as these guys were regarding Civil War vets:

This may be a silent film but someone actually had the heart to splurge on the extra money for COLOR!!


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