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The difference is to differentiate between CIB and complete! 😋

I'm just kidding.  I've wondered about doing a little research to see if a company were still at a location, then send a couple of them in.  They'd probably go right in the trash since there are much more efficient ways of collecting data on the target audience, but still.

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On 10/23/2019 at 11:23 AM, RalliArtEvo said:

Assuming you're talking about the pack in slips that came with games, they were used for marketing purposes and to collect data. Sometimes I'd get mailers from companies that I sent the reg card into which included everything from postcards advertising upcoming releases to VHS promo videos.

This is pretty much it. This data gathering allowed for targeted marketing when demographics weren't as easily accessible as they are today. They would occasionally throw you a bone like a poster, coupon, or chance to buy directly from the company. In the PS1 days, registering might even net you a free demo disc for an upcoming game. That's how I got my God of War demo disc.

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