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Manual Request - SNES "War 2410"

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Hey all - hope this is the right place for this...

I recently discovered the SNES game "War 2410" and was attempting to play through it on an emulator.  It's an interesting little turn-based strategy, but there isn't much info within the game itself on how to play, and resources online seem pretty scarce.  I found one FAQ on GameFAQs which helped, but it's written by someone who didn't have the manual, so there are big gaps in the information.

I was wondering if there's anyone who has a copy of the instruction manual for this game and would be willing to scan and share it?

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I believe byuu, who developed the bsnes emulator, had a full CiB SNES set awhile back. He dumped all the games, scanned all the boxes and manuals, and the whole project took multiple long years of work. If you can find a link to his scans, you should easily be able to find the manual in good condition. You can also request it from theromdepot.com, they dump games and scans of manuals, boxes, inserts, posters, promotional items, ect. You can easily find a link to their Discord or subreddit. I'm not sure about this site's opinions on linking rom sites, so please remove my post if it violates any rules.

Hope this helped!

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