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Did I get burned?

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So last night on a whim I decided to pick up this sealed copy of Virtual Boy Wario Land.


This is the first old sealed game I've ever bought so I wasn't really thinking to look for this stuff but this morning I was looking at the listing again and noticed in the description it said
"Sealed in shrink.  See photo. Come as shown in the photos." which I thought sounded kind of fishy. Then I start looking at other listing of sealed VB Warios and I notice they all have this seam on the back of their seals and the one I bought doesn't.

I'm not even sure why I'm asking because I'm already pretty sure I just paid way too much for a resealed copy but I just wanted to check with the experts.

Did I get burned?

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Speaking from an eBay point of view, not an authentic seal point of view, it's listed as 'Brand New' and they have their return policy set to returns accepted, so if you're not happy with it you're out at most the cost of shipping. Might be worth trying to cancel now before it ships to save buyer and seller trouble. 

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