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The (Maybe)Official "Cheap But Good Games" Thread


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I'm sure this question for specific systems has been asked before, but if you guys have list of cheap games that are actually really fun and worth picking up, please post them hear.

List the system, and then all of the games that fit the category in your personal opinion.  To be clear, this is games that are around $10 or less.   For systems with a TON of cheap games which arn't possibly that old, maybe consider a threshold of $5 or less.  Likewise, for systems that are always expensive just consider the low-end price threshold and offer them.  There's no reason not to include NEO GEO titles, just because the lowest priced ones might be $30-50.

Personally, I'd like to get a good CIB Genesis list in that range.  Games don't have to be CIB but generally, I'd say price games based off of their preferred state by most collectors.  Disc games and Genesis titles as CIB, and cartridge/non-plastic shelled games as CIB.

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For the Playstation line, the series that jumps out at me is Mercenaries (both Playground of Destruction and World in Flames). They all run $5-8 for most systems. Really fun GTA clone that dispenses with the story and social satire and just throws you in a world with the express objectives of "make all the money" and "blow up all the things". I may have 150 hours on the first game alone.

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