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  1. Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Fallout......the list goes on and on.
  2. On that note if anybody has an extra Classic Super NT at cost they are looking to get rid of let me know. I will gladly pay the shipping to have it sent my way. Been playing Donkey Kong Country 2 the last couple weeks on a regular SNES hooked up to a HDTV by RCA cords. Was really looking forward to the upgrade lol.
  3. Same as Californication I got through the initial add to cart phase with no issues at 11:03. The line for checkout, that was a different story. Sat in there for 33 minutes and by the time it was my turn the screen said sold out. Go figure lol. Maybe next time.
  4. About ready to pull the trigger on this switch dilemma. First I wanted to thank everyone for all the information provided. All this was very helpful. One last quick question about the GComp 8 Port if anyone has it. Ow do you like it? Also how does it react if you have two systems hooked up to it turned on simultaneously? Which system does it default to projecting and how can you switch input between multiple systems that are on at the same time if it has automatic detection? Any clarification is greatly appreciated!
  5. @drxandy That listing for the 8x8 matrix looks amazing, especially for the price, but that unit is huge! I would pull the trigger on that unit immediately if it were not so big. I have some space, but that thing is huge. @Pikkon These look interesting and seem to be widely available for a reasonable price on eBay. This may be a serious option. If your endorsement rings true.
  6. @darkchylde28 That Joytech AV Control Center 2 looks perfect. Preliminary searching sadly didn't turn up any availability though. I will keep my eye out though. Thanks for the heads up though. @drxandy The Gcomp 8port auto switching device would be perfect. The price tag is high, but it may be worth it for me. Same as the above though. It does not look to be currently available. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. Hopefully it will be in stock again soon. Anyone else out there have any suggestions? Even the cheap ones they have had good luck with? Let me know.
  7. @RH - Wow! Thanks for that information. Never heard of Atlona before. They definitely have some high quality gear out there. It looks like there are a few options currently listed on eBay. I will take a deeper look at them and see if anything meets my needs. Do you currently use and AV switch boxes? If so what do you use?
  8. @drxandy Thanks for the information! I like the build quality on the Sony options you linked to but the only 3 & 4 output options make it tough to justify. Those matrix switchers look like top quality though. I might be missing something, but many of them look like they are discontinued and unavailable. I didn't realize the options related to this technology were dwindling so quickly. I know demand is dropping immensely for things like this. It is getting harder and harder to find anything other than the generic no name brand cheap junk on Amazon with mediocre reviews. If anyone else has preferred solutions please share. Thanks.
  9. Looking for any guidance or suggestions related to RCA (Red, Yellow, White) A/V Switch Boxes. I am starting to have trouble with my no name brand 6 port switch box where the sound periodically cuts in and out. I have tried different cords and different systems, but it seems to always point to the switch box. Looking to purchase a high quality 6 port or more box. Before I do I just wanted to poll the members here and see what boxes they like, use or have had great success with. Looking for something with good quality and is reliable. Any help here is greatly appreciated! Look forward to what you guys have to say. Thanks!
  10. Either Super Mario Bros. 2 or Super Mario 64. Both games changed everything I thought about a Mario game. The different path those two games provided were very memorable for me. I still revisit these games constantly today.
  11. Those screen shots in that first link are very interesting. Just fascinated nothing else substantial has surfaced regarding this specific game. Like I said before would have been very interested in how they would have executed the controls related to the Power Pad.
  12. Just going through some paper inserts I have and this one from HAL America caught my eye. In the coming in 1991 section it talks about a game titled "Power Pad Football". Obviously the game never came out, but I wonder how far in development it got. Outside of this advertisement I have never heard of it or talk of it. Wonder how they would have executed the idea. Either way it sounds interesting. Anyone out there have any information regarding this game or its history?
  13. Jackal for the NES. $11 on price charting. Cant go wrong with that one. For SNES Super Mario World, $10.50 on price charting. For Genesis Sonic 1 and 2, you can get both for $15 total.
  14. Nothing difficult by any means but being laid up after ACL surgery gave me time to beat Sonic 1 with all Chaos Emeralds on Game Gear this week.
  15. Just my personal top 10 favorites I have gotten alot of playtime out of: Super Mario Land 1 Super Mario Land 2 Tetris Dr. Mario Kirby's Dream Land Mickey's Dangerous Chase Felix the Cat Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening Motocross Maniacs
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