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Flea on KS


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Just found this on kickstarter

It looks funny and cute and the central platforming mechanic ties well into the theme. I liked the quirky melody, and the inventive underlying level design idea. The graphics got their own charming identity, except the HUD & font which presently are shake n bake from the nesmaker tutorials. Hopefully that gets bit of love between now and then, but the game looks well thought out otherwise. 

I'm grabbing a digital copy (headsup - the shipping reached a new hallmark of expensive, despite the creator being uk based and i live in europe). 

Edit: forgot the link. here it is


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Yeah, ultimately it was the demo that convinced me this is something i want to support.  Apart the "charming" theme. 😉 Sometimes, all it takes is a clever design idea, and the rest will somehow become more like sprinkle on top.  I also found the admission that it's still in need of some programming efforts honest and commendable. 

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